Technology Courses

“Qualified technical personnel are a fundamental component in current productive systems. They are capable of anticipating eventualities that no software is capable of emulating. They improvise, intercept problems and make things possible…”



Course Outline :

  1. Properties of compressed air and its area of application;
  2. Basic pneumatic system;
  3. Compressed air theory;
  4. Compressed air production, purification and distribution;
  5. Construction and principle of operation of actuators and directional control valves;
  6. Ancillary pneumatic equipment;
  7. Symbols – ISO 1219 / 5599;
  8. Reading / design of control schematics
  9. Practical exercises with troubleshooting.


Course Outline :

  1. Economical and technical aspects of electro-pneumatic systems;
  2. Basic electric theory;
  3. Construction and principle of operation of electro-pneumatic components;
  4. Electrical symbols – IEC and ladder diagram;
  5. Reading / design of control schematics;
  6. Safety requirements;
  7. Practical exercises with troubleshooting.


Course Outline :

  1. Background of PLC development;
  2. Structure of PLC;
  3. Hardware configuration of PLC;
  4. Key points to know when using a PLC;
  5. Logic and sequence controls;
  6. Ladder diagram programming;
  7. Timer and counter applications;
  8. Peripheral devices and interfacing;
  9. Selection of PLC;
  10. Practical exercises with troubleshooting.


Course Outline :

  1. Introduction to vacuum system and its area of application;
  2. Vacuum theory;
  3. Vacuum Pump System and Vacuum Ejector System;
  4. Peripheral vacuum components and their function;
  5. Vacuum Ejector and Vacuum Pad selection;
  6. Complete vacuum system circuit design;
  7. Practical set-up and troubleshooting.

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About Shoketsu SMC Corporation

Shoketsu SMC Corporation is a 100% subsidiary of SMC Corporation, the world’s largest pneumatic automation products manufacturer which was established in Japan and now has more than 50 years of experience.

The Philippine subsidiary was established in 2003 and its headquarters is located at Lot 9E First Philippine Industrial Park II (FPIP II) Sto. Tomas Batangas with-five local distributors all over the country. While production facility is provided to produce customized cylinders, the main objective is to offer a wide range of high quality advanced pneumatic automation products to suit the exacting needs of industries from a myriad of fields and sectors, including semiconductor, automotive, medical, and petrochemical, just to name a few. Products offered range from valves like process valve and water valve, to thermo equipment like thermo chiller and heat exchanger to air dryers and a variety of static eliminators and pneumatic systems.

Striving to maintain high standards not only in products but also in customer service, Shoketsu SMC Corporation works hard to ensure that existing machines in the Philippines containing SMC products installed are readily supported with technical assistance, and with reasonable quantity of spare parts, in stores stocked with around 15,000 product variations.

The company also provides technology updates by offering technical seminars, and projects to help customers increase their productivity.